"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Organic, organic, organic. That is the mantra that you will hear. However, there are two aspects to nutrition. One is
what you eat, the other is the quality of what you eat. Maintaining a healthy body thus involves making choices about food that


“You dig your grave with a knife and fork”.

There are about as many diets out there as there are human beings. My personal experience is that finding the right nutrition is similar to all other complementary and alternative therapies; the diet needs to be adapted to the individual metabolic needs of the patient. Therefore we tend to favor a form of metabolic nutritional regime which in its least individualised form can be seen in the Blood Type diet of D’Adamo, more differentiated in the 12 metabolic types of Nicholas Gonzales, and the Metabolic diet of Bill Wolcott. Of course, diets in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medical traditions are individualised as part of their regular diagnostic and treatment programs and relevant specialists should be consulted.

Metabolic Diets

Eat Right 4 Your Type -

Metabolic Diet by B. Wolcott:
Website -

Nicholaz Gonzalez Nutritional Regimen – includes a large number of supplements
Website -
Dr. Gonzalez's dietary program, as well as most of the metabolic dietary program, is based on Dr. Kelley, who cured himself of pancreatic cancer in 1973.
For an online version of his book "One Answer to Cancer".

General Dietary Advice for Cancer patients
The Penny Brohn Cancer Center in the UK provides some excellent general advice on diet.

Johanna Budwig Diet
I include this diet because it has a long track record and is relatively simple to apply. Information can be found at the Healing Cancer Naturally website.

The Gerson Diet
One of the most well-known cancer diets.

Macrobiotic Diet
I include this diet because of its popularity in the Arab world (as promoted by Miriam Nour) – generally it is considered a cancer prevention diet rather than a cancer therapy diet. There have been some variations introduced to the diet since its inception. I have provided a few links which explain the diet and one link that shows the problems with the strict application of the original Kushi diet, especially in already debilitated cancer patients.
Kushi institute website
Egyptian-affiliate of Kushi institute
Modified macrobiotics site (UK)
Arabic macrobiotic site created by Mariam Nour students in Egypt
Problems with strict macrobiotic diet in cancer patients - orthodox medical view

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