Ecogypt is a site that intends to provide information on ecology, both internal and external. What does that mean? We want to inform you about everything that may or can harm you in your environment, whether it is what you eat, put on your skin, or in your mouth, or the building you live in. And at the same time we want to provide you with alternatives that are available locally (or internationally, if need be). For a humorous but very informative overview of what this view involves, take a look at the

In the various ecological fields opinions can range from the rabidly extreme to the apologetic or even hypocritical. I hope that the sites we have chosen tend to provide a kind of solid middle ground and that provide enough of a practical alternative for the average consumer.

Until we have some kind of qualitative review process, links to companies are merely that, links. They are not an endorsement of their services, nor are they a guarantee for quality. However, we welcome any feedback or experience you have with any of these companies, so that we can add them to the feedback we provide.

However, there are a number of products and companies that have been rigorously investigated by the European Union and have received the "eco-label". For a comprehensive overview of what the eco-label means and the products approved by that process go the
Eco-Label site. A similar non-profit organization called Green Seal exists in the United States.

Currently the European Union has the most sophisticated regulatory process in place for the introduction and review of chemicals either existing in the environment or that are new. For more information on what should be an international model for the regulation of chemicals, see

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