Cosmetics and personal care products require a significant amount of awareness because these are products that we use daily on our skin. The skin is an organ as important as the liver, or the brain. It is your shield, your semi-permeable membrane to the outside world and whatever penetrates it will eventually end up in all the different parts of your body. There are a number of sites that give detailed information on these products and also suggestions for alternatives.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive or exhaustive list, and any suggestions to expand or improve the quality of listings is welcomed:

Comprehensive Websites

Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia - Guide to Less Toxic Products - provides a comprehensive overview of products and possible toxicities you need to be aware of. This site includes a number of other guides which are referred to in our other links (including household products, baby care, etc.)

Environmental Working Group - a comprehensive database reference tool for particular product categories. You get a rating for most products (usually US and British).

Good Guide - another very comprehensive site for all kinds of safe products and foods. Also has an interesting iPhone application.


The latest possible threat to health is the inclusion of nanotechnological substances in numerous areas of our daily lives. For detailed information on this subject and for lists of consumer products that already contain nano substances go to the following:

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