H2RC2 was founded by Abdul Hayy L. Holdijk as a means to coordinate efforts to promote, teach and inform the Egyptian public, as well as the Arab world, about homeopathy, complementary medicine in general, ecology both internal and external. The main vehicle for this dissemination of information is this website.

Clearly there is a great deal of information on these subjects on the internet but very few sites exhibit a user-friendly framework for the different levels of knowledge that users come to the site with. We hope that we have provided a somewhat more informative and navigable set of links and documents for you and welcome any feedback you might have.

As one of the first persons to organize homeopathic training in Egypt (see History of Homeopathy in Egypt), it has been his stated goal to spread homeopathy in Egypt at the grassroots level in order to create public demand for quality homeopathic treatment. To a large extent this approach has succeeded in producing a large number of qualified homeopaths over the past 10 years and made the Egyptian public increasingly aware of this complementary treatment modality. In cooperation with other qualified Egyptian homeopaths, he was instrumental in helping to found the Egyptian Society of Homeopathy and the courses he currently teaches are endorsed by the Society as providing the kind of professional training required by international bodies in the field of homeopathy. He is also interested in laying the groundwork for a greater awareness of homeopathy in the Arab world and lectured in Lebanon, where he initiated the move to a training program, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Hayy is a dynamic and demanding teacher (see Student Testimonials) who sets very high standards for the teaching of homeopathy at the professional level. He is very interested in incorporating a clearer concept of consciousness and the notions of self (and Self) into the homeopathic discipline and how this impacts on our whole notion of what needs to be healed. As part of his teachings on self development, he uses Voice Dialogue as a means of therapy. In addition, he is a qualified Enneagram instructor who regularly gives courses on the Enneagram.

Abdul Hayy is married and has three children. In his other incarnations works full time as Associate Chair of the Department of Rhetoric and Composition at the American University in Cairo and teaches a course called "Who am I?: Self and Consciousness Across the Disciplines." He has been a follower of a Sufi path for the past 35 years and is interested in studies in religion and consciousness. He regularly lectures on a wide variety of topics including Love, Dream interpretation, Jekyll and Hyde, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, and other topics related to consciousness and personality development. He regularly leads spiritual retreats in Lebanon and Egypt.